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  • Grilled meats must originally be cooked over high heat so as to form a crust which will prevent juices from the meat to leak, for the same reason meat cooked in the pot must be sautéed (not burnt) to preserve its texture, moisture and flavor.
  • While cooking if you need to pour some water it should be warm.
  • If you want to grill your fish but it does not have enough fat, you have to spread it constantly with olive oil so that it does not dry.
  • The fish should not be flipped over often for better cooking results.
  • To check whether a fish is cooked you must check the stomach and spine.
  • Do not add salt to the fish from the previous day of cooking because it dries.
  • If you want frozen vegetables to look fresher, pour boiling water before cooking.
  • Frozen vegetables require less cooking time. The majority of them you can cook straight from the freezer. Others such as broccoli and various green vegetables, it is best to slightly defrost them. - Bottom info